Which browsers do you support?

Last updated by Tom Inglis on March 19, 2023 16:53

We officially support your use of Cenefits in the Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers on the Microsoft Windows 10, Apple MacOS, Ubuntu Linux, Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

We do not officially support your use of Cenefits in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 browser, and we strongly recommend that you use one of the other browsers mentioned above. We use a basic compatibility library to enable unofficial support for this legacy browser, and will make no other efforts to support it unless we are sponsored to do so. We will actively prevent use of this browser in July 2022, after it has reached End of Life.

Some organisations have applied very strict settings to Internet Explorer 11, which prevent you from being able to see icons in Cenefits (and in many other web applications). Microsoft explains how to resolve the issue in this blog post.