Can we pay you to add a feature?

Last updated by Tom Inglis on March 19, 2023 16:53

If you would like to sponsor a feature, we would be happy to add it, provided that it makes sense to us and to the rest of our customers.

Cenefits is a Software as a Service application, which means that it is a single instance running on publically available infrastructure, capable of supporting an infinite amount of Buyers, Suppliers and Delivery Partners. This makes it easy and affordable to maintain, host and support. This also means that if we add a new feature it will be available to all of our customers at no extra development cost.

If we discover more than one organisation that is keen to sponsor the same feature, we will endeavour to connect them together, so that they can share the cost of development between them. Sponsored features will be made available to all of our customers when they are complete and have been tested.