How to submit evidence for Benefits

Last updated by Tom Inglis on May 11, 2022 08:44

To submit evidence for Benefits, either:

  • Click on the link in the email you should have been sent as a Contributor;
  • Or in the application, click on Submit, then on Evidence, then on the Benefit whose evidence you would like to submit.

You can then select the appropriate delivery date, type in your evidence, and attach one or more documents or photos. Please include enough information to give the Project Manager a good sense about what has been achieved, and only include personal details if you have the permission of the data subject and have ticked the appropriate box.

NB - You must type something into the "Evidence" box and click "Create Evidence" before you can then upload files.

If your organisation has chosen to include textual questions in the Evidence box or has uploaded a template document then you should answer the questions for the former in line and / or download the template document, answer the questions in the document, save, and attach it.

You can save your Evidence with the "Save" button and submit it for approval by a Project Manager with the "Submit for Approval" button. You can only click on the "Submit for Approval" button once every five minutes.